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The work we do and the environment in which we work become critical aspects that influence not only our identity but also our sense of well-being. Problems or challenges at work can impact us both professionally and personally. Deborah builds on her foundation as a systems expert to address organizational and workplace issues that focus on broad systemic challenges, as well as areas related to individual and leadership development. 


Organizational Consulting 

As an organizational consultant, Deborah provides a supportive environment, objective feedback, and assistance in managing critical aspects of leadership and organizational change. She works with leaders and teams to address interpersonal dynamics and conflict management, leadership style and competency, stress management and work-life balance, team building, effective communication, managing culture, diversity and inclusion, morale, and change management.


Leadership/Executive Coaching

This is a one-on-one process for leaders who want to enhance their skills through a reflective, appreciative, and conscious process. It involves deliberate inquiry regarding decision-making, leadership actions, and organizational responses. The process encourages self-awareness and a willingness to examine how leadership impacts the overall atmosphere and effectiveness of the organization. In this process, clients examine both personal and professional aspects of leadership, including management and leadership style, patterns of communication, and interpersonal effectiveness.  


Call today for a free phone consultation and learn more about Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting Services. 


$250.00 Individual Coaching - one-hour session

Organizational Consulting fees are determined based on the scope of work.

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